About Karen Foo

Ranked #1 in Singapore Nationwide Forex Trading Contest

Karen Foo graduated with a banking and finance degree from Singapore’s top business school, Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University. Previously, she was also a former student of the National University of Singapore.

She has over 10 years of trading experience where she gained a deep understanding of the financial markets and has been since teaching young adults and working professionals the art of successful trading.

She is also a motivational speaker, scholarship holder back in school and competitive swimmer. She was consistently ranked top 10 in her cohort back in school for her good grades. She was even featured in the newspapers for getting straight A's.

Karen has been ranked #1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading contest and ranked top 10 in an FX Street contest, competing with over 3000 traders from over 30 countries. She also ranked Top 25 in Asia 2 times in Forexball International Trading Championship

As a TEDx speaker, Karen has also been featured on radio, TV, magazines and various media outlets. She is one of the few trading gurus who is invited regularly to speak at institutional traders and hedge fund events. She has also been nominated for "Women of the Future South East Asia" award for her contributions to the finance community.

She is also been given the "Best Trading Guru in Singapore" award by Traders Fair and "Top Popular Analyst in Asia" award by Wikiexpo. In 2023, she was also given the "Professional Trader Award" for her competency in trading.

She was also a former committee member of the Association of Professional Trainers Singapore where she trained for over 5 years on how to be an effective trainer and speaker.

She is an award-winning trader whose teachings have helped a lot of ordinary people become profitable traders. Some of her supporters even got headhunted by financial institutions after learning from her.

She is also the author of "Fundamentals of Currency Trading" and a few other co-authored books.

If you are looking to cut short your learning curve, Karen is the right trading educator to learn from.

What Others Are Saying

"I was trading for six years total because of my mother suffering a debilitating injury at work. I can say your videos helped me tighten up my game, now I trade forex and futures earning about half a million a year with plans to grow. That growth wouldnt have happened without you so from the bottom of my heart, thank you"-Primoz Blatnik

"I am a profitable trader and scalper and as usual credit goes to you..... and literally my friends and family have come to profit because of you"- Ayush

"I made very little in my first year due to a less bullish market, in the last year I have consistently added to my investments and Karen as my mentor and guide, I got 4 times of my initial capital. I had increased my portfolio by 50 times in year two and right now I'm so so thankful for your impact on my life and making me come so far in life a fit I wouldn't even dream of." -Cabbose

" When I bought your course, in the 1st year I thought I would be profitable. Luckily persisted through 3 years, and now finally funded with a prop firm and is consistently profitable. To all those who are new/struggling, don’t give up! This is a game of you vs you, and if you persist through the ups and downs, the rainbow is at the end of the journey like Karen showed us"- Laura Tan